USA Chilled Prime Striploin (1kg) 美國頂級西冷 (1公斤)

The price is calculated per kg of the product.標價以1公斤計算

40% discount off base price on purchase of a whole strip 購買原條: 原價6折優惠



養牛都經過至少180 天的殼物飼養。殼物飼料為玉米和大豆; 大理石花紋:非常豐富; 肌肉組織:腰脊; 建議烹飪方法:烘烤,烤架,燒烤,炒,煎 Cattle have been processing to a grain finishing no less than 180days. Grain fed: Mainly are Corn & Soya Bean; Marbling description: Moderately Abundant; Muscle group: Loin; Suggested Cooking Method: Roast, Grill, Barbecue, Stir-fry, Pan-fry.