Frozen Vietnamese Cooked Fantail Shrimps (400g) 急凍熟越南鳳尾蝦 (400克)



來自越南的鳳尾蝦鮮甜味美,質感爽口、蝦味十分濃郁,肉質非常彈牙,並含豐富營養和蛋白質,既美味又健康👍🏻。越南的鳳尾蝦在生產過程已預先去除蝦殼及蝦腸、保留蝦尾,並已經煮熟處理,既衞生又方便! 越南鳳尾蝦煮法多樣化,解凍後可作為沙律、煮意粉、炒飯的材料,無論小炒、香煎或氣炸都非常合適! 鳳尾蝦更可作為喇沙、冬陰公或是越南春捲的材料!絕對是家中必備的食材之一! Frozen Cooked Peeled Fantail Shrimps from Vietnam have strong and solid bodies, the meat is thick, plump, rich and sweet. Shrimps are high in protein and are a very healthy seafood. The Vietnamese tail-on shrimps are cooked, peeled during the production process, so it’s extremely convenient for preparing different dishes. Frozen Vietnamese Cooked Fantail Shrimps are best served as the ingredients of salad, pasta, fried rice, laksa, tom yam soup and spring rolls. Perfect for stir-frying, pan-frying and air-frying. A must-have item at home.