Frozen Scottish Highland Smoked Salmon (100g) 蘇格蘭煙三文魚 (100克)



蘇格蘭Highland煙三文魚以選材優質的三文魚馳名,品質有保障!三文魚油脂豐富,而且超滑嫩超柔軟,有著略帶鹹香的口感,更加提升三文魚鮮嫩肉質的美味,每一口都鮮美無比!可在家隨時準備,解凍即食,也很適合用來派對小食做或各款西餐. The quality of Scottish Highland Smoked Salmon is renown. Salmon is rich in omega 3 fatty acid and protein. Tender and soft with a slight salty flavor which enhances the taste. Thaw and you can prepare at home any time to enjoy it or as party foods and various western cuisines.