Frozen Norwegian Mackerel Fish Fillet (2pcs) 急凍挪威鯖花魚柳 (2片)



鯖魚脂肪營養價值豐富😊,有多種對人體有益的營養成份😍, 而且挪威冰海海域的鯖魚,含有珍貴的魚油😋,因此肉質特別的細嫩好吃!👍🏻 魚於挪威產地🌊捕獲後立即急速凍存以維持新鮮度😌,頂級的美味❤️! 挪威鯖魚不但好吃,更有豐富營養,不論煎、煮、烤都可以🥰,還非常適合用鹽漬🐟,推薦給愛吃魚的您!❤️❤️ Norwegian Mackerel Fish Fillet is rich in nutritional value😊 and has a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to the human body😍. It also contains precious fish oil😋, therefore the meat is extremely tender and delicious!👍🏻 The fish is quickly frozen immediately after being caught in the Norwegian sea 🌊to maintain the freshness! Norwegian Mackerel Fish fillet can be fried, boiled, grilled🥰 as well as for salting🐟! To all fish lovers, don't miss it!❤️❤️