Frozen French Yellow Chicken Leg (2pcs/pkt) 急凍法國黃雞脾 (2隻/包)



法國黄油雞在天然環境下任其自然成長,不注射任何抗生素或注射生長激素,不僅肉質鮮嫩多汁而且非常健康! 每包有兩大隻雞脾,啖啖肉丶又香又好味!最吸引之處是皮非常薄和皮下幾乎沒有多餘脂肪,低脂肪和低膽固醇之選,大人細路都啱食! 無論蒸丶煮丶炆丶焗定整雞煲都咁好味🤤! 非常簡單易整, 大家都試下啦! French Yellow Spring Chicken are reared in the natural environment without any injection of antibiotics nor growth hormones. Tender texture and extremely juicy. Each package contains 2 pieces of yellow chicken legs . The taste of yellow chicken leg is rich and it contains low fat ratio. Suitable for steaming, baking, grilling, braising and is excellent for making chicken pot.