Frozen Chile Salmon Fillet (250g) 智利三文魚柳 (250克)



生活在清澈丶純淨水域的智利三文魚,每100克的魚肉就含有超過2000毫克的奥米加3,含量高過任何魚油補充劑! 三文魚必須逆流而上才可產卵,因此脂肪含量較低丶肉質非常鮮嫩丶營養更豐富,小朋友食就最岩啦🤗! 無論煎丶烤或是焗的煮法, 都同樣美味! The salmons are nurtured in clear and pure Chile waters🇨🇱. The fillet contains over 2000mg of omega 3 per 100g which is higher than any fish oil supplement! Since salmons swim upstream to their original hatching place to lay eggs, they have low fat content and the fillet is extremely tender as well, making it situable for children. Suggested cooking methods are pan-frying, baking and grilling

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