Crispy Chicken Middle Wing BBQ & Spicy Flavored 脆炸雞中翼 - 香辣燒烤風味 (1kg)



foodtalk 泰國Sun Valley 的熟雞產品😋,滿足喜愛不同口味的你! 😍 ⭐急凍泰國Sun Valley 熟雞翼的特點: 🧡全熟產品,無需解凍,即煮即食,非常方便易處理 🧡產品由生產至成品過程,都可全面追蹤產品來源及嚴格控制食物品質 🧡雞隻在沒有抗生素的情況下健康長大,產品沒有抗生素及添加防腐劑,確保產品的安全及健康 🧡產品得到美國國家衛生基金會(NSF)的認證,進一步確立了產品的食物安全及品質 🔥蜜味燒雞中翼 (1kg)🍯 嫩滑可口、肉質柔嫩多汁、小孩最愛!🥰 🔥脆炸雞中翼 - 香辣燒烤風味 (1kg)🌶️ 外脆內嫩、充滿肉汁、惹味可口❤️❤️ 🔥脆炸翼鎚 - 墨西哥風味 (1kg)😋 外皮香脆、惹味開胃小食、滿足味蕾享受🤤 🍽️3款熟雞產品無需解凍, 翻熱即可食用! 按照包裝背面的提示, 以油炸,氣炸鍋或焗爐方法烹調, 非常方便。 ➡️依家就嚟選購! 如有任何查詢,歡迎與我們聯絡。 🚛凡購物滿HK$1,000 或以上的顧客可享有免費送貨服務,範圍包括港島、九龍及新界地區 (珀麗灣、愉景灣及離島除外) 😊。 ⭐香港島門市: 地址: 香港西營盤第一街23號地下 電話: 2615 0338 ⭐新界門市: 地址: 葵涌葵豐街 Magnet Place 1, 地下10號舖 電話:2615 0822 New Stock Arrival <Frozen Thailand Sun Valley Cooked Chicken products❤❤> foodtalk is excited to bring you three selections of Sun Valley Cooked Chicken Products from Thailand for you to try at home😊. Get ready to take your taste buds on a gastronomic adventure.😍 ⭐Thailand Sun Valley chicken products are known for these qualities 🤗🤗: 🧡Fully cooked. The products can be heated without thawing. Easy handling and extremely convenient. 🧡Fully traceable from manufacturer to farm 🧡Chickens are raised without antibiotics, ensuring safe and healthy products 🧡The products are certified by the National Science Foundation (NSF) 🔥Roasted Chicken Middle Wing Sweet Honey Flavored (1kg)🍯 The chicken wings are succulent, tender and extra juicy.🥰 🔥Crispy Chicken Middle Wing BBQ & Spicy Flavored (1kg)🌶 Extremely crunchy and juicy. Each bite of these juicy and ultra-tender wings is a treat for all your senses.❤❤ 🔥Crispy Chicken Drumette Mexican Flavored (1kg)😋 Incredibly crispy to awaken your taste buds This is an unique and flavorsome snack!🤤 🍽️The three cooked chicken products don’t need to be thawed! Follow the instructions on the back of the package, either deep-fry, air fryer or reheat in oven, very easy and convenient. ➡️ Come shop now. For enquiries, please contact us for details. 🚛 Spend HK$1,000 or more and you can enjoy a free delivery service to Hong Kong Island, Kowloon or New Territories areas (excluding Park Island, Discovery Bay and outlying islands). ⭐Hong Kong Island shop: Address: G/F, 23 First Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong Phone: 2615 0338 ⭐New Territories shop: Address: Shop 10, Magnet Place 1, Kwai Fung Crescent, Kwai Chung, New Territories Phone: 2615 0822