Australian Chilled Grass-Fed Striploin (1kg) 澳洲冰鮮草飼西冷 (1公斤)

The product is sold as an entire strip. The price shown is the cost per kg, and the total is calculated per kg of total weight. The special offer of 30% discount applies to the entire strip.

標價是1公斤的售價。 原條購買, 按總重量計算銷售價; 並且可享7折優惠。



Entire strip is around 6kg. Due to their large amount of exercise, most of the fat of grass-fed cattle accumulates under the skin and is outside the muscles. There is not much marbling that penetrates into the muscles. The meat is relatively lean. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. It is suitable for cooking at high temperature for a short time or slow cooking. 原條重約6公斤。由於運動量多,草飼牛大部分油脂積聚在皮下,包覆在肌肉外,滲入肌肉裡的大理石紋油花不多,肉質相對精瘦,脂肪含量較少、熱量也較低,且富含對人體健康的omega-3脂肪酸! 脂肪較少的草飼牛,較適合以高溫短時間或低溫慢煮的方式烹調,更能留住肉汁及美好口感。