Beranda / Kebijakan Pengembalian & Pengembalian Dana
-最終銀碼會有機會因應貨品重量及數量而作出調整,名廚坊將會聯絡您。 -所有已出售的食材,不設退款或退換。 -名廚坊保留修訂有關條款及細則之權利。 -如有任何爭議,將以名廚坊最終決定為準。 -如有任何查詢,請於門市營業時間,聯絡西營盤店 +852 26150338 或 葵芳店 +852 26150822 或 電郵至 [email protected] 或 whatsapp +852 91946122。 Return and Refund Policy -foodtalk will contact you if the final amount is adjusted due to the weight and quantity of the ingredients. -All food items sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. -foodtalk reserves the right to amend the relevant terms and conditions and of final decision on all matters of disputes. -Should you have any enquiries, may contact Sai Ying Pun store +852 26150338, Kwai Fong store +852 26150822 during store opening hours or email to [email protected] or whatsapp +852 91946122.