Frozen Spanish Iberico Collar (1kg) 西班牙黑毛豬爽梅肉 (1公斤)

The price is calculated per kg of the product.標價以1公斤計算



西班牙伊比利亞黑毛豬, 每件爽梅肉約重1kg-1.5kg。爽梅肉是里脊肉旁邊的一塊肉,脂肪分佈均勻,含有豐富的膠原蛋白。 肉質細嫩,豐美多汁,而且肉味濃郁。 用嚟自家整中式叉燒就啱晒了,爽梅肉入口即融化! 也很適合切件香煎、燒烤、燉煮、或切片作火鍋。 Spanish Iberico Collar , each piece weighs 1kg-1.5kg. It is a piece of meat next to the pork’s loin, is well marbled and high in collagen. The meat is tender, juicy, and yields a rich meaty flavor. A gastronomic delight in many ways, perfect for making Chinese barbecue pork, the tasty Char Siu melts in your mouth! Good to slice into steaks for quick searing, barbecue, braising or thinly sliced for hot pot.

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