Australian Wagyu Beef Patties (145gx2) 澳洲和牛漢堡扒 (145克x2)



澳洲和牛肉質鮮嫩,品質優良,是牛肉的上乘之選。用100%澳洲免治和牛做成的漢堡扒,是奢華至極的特選食材! 和牛漢堡扒肉味細緻,脂肪分佈平均且肉汁豐富,煎後稍加鹽和胡椒就可帶出和牛香濃的肉味,製作一個美味無窮的漢堡包,還可配搭不同的醬汁。烹作肉醬,配意大利粉, 意式麵條或飯也很適合。怎麼煮都非常美味! Australian Wagyu beef is famous for its exceptional flavor, juiciness and tenderness. Our patties are 100% minced Australian Wagyu beef. The Wagyu burger steak gives a delicate meaty taste, its balanced meat to fat ratio is well suited to fry then simply sprinkle little bit of salt and pepper to bring out the rich flavor to make a perfect hamburger and complement with your favorite sauce. Perfect ingredient to make minced beef bolognaise to go with pasta or rice. Absolutely delicious no matter how you cook it !

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