New Zealand Chilled Grass-Fed Tenderloin (Whole Strip) 紐西蘭冰鮮草飼牛柳 (原條) 2kg-4kg


The product is sold as an entire strip. Buying a whole strip, you can enjoy a special offer of 30% off the base price.The price shown in black is the base price per kg, price in red is the 30% offer per kg. The total is calculated per kg of total weight.



每條冰鮮紐西蘭草飼牛柳重約1.7公斤–2.5公斤。 講到一隻牛最嫩滑的部位,牛柳絕對不會令你失望! 冰鮮紐西蘭草飼牛柳肉質鮮嫩,軟腍和肉汁豐富! 無論您是吃著名的威靈頓牛柳,或是最基本的烤牛柳, 又或以中式烹調做中式牛柳, 切薄片作日常小炒, 都能為你帶來最頂級的享受!🥰🥰 Chilled New Zealand Grass-fed Beef Tenderloin , whole strip weighs 1.7kg- 2.5kg. Tenderloin is the most tender cut amongst the whole set of loin cuts. Extremely tender, soft and juicy!Whether you are preparing something fanciful like the Beef Wellington or something as traditional as the filet mignon or cook up a Chinese-style beef tenderloin in sweet and sour sauce , thinly sliced for stir-frying with vegetables, you can’t go wrong with a piece of tenderloin. The tenderloin is definitely your go-to meat cut!

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