NZ Chilled Lamb Rack Frenched (1kg) 紐西蘭純天然法式羊鞍 (1公斤)

The product is sold as an entire rack. The price is calculated per kg of total weight. 價格按1公斤的標價, 以原架羊鞍的總重量計算。



Naturally grass fed, free of growth-promoting hormones, aged to 4-6 months old. This frenched rack is when the cap, chine and back bones are removed and the ribs bones are “Frenched”, or cleared of meat. Indicative pack weight: 0.6-1.0 kg 羊隻在天然的牧場進食當地的牧草成長,絕無使用生長激素;牧畜生至4-6個月即被屠宰。羊架經法式處理,即脊骨部份全被去除,只保留肋骨部份的精肉。指示包裝重量:0.6-1.0 kg

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