Lactel UHT Full Cream 3.5% Milk (1L) 高溫滅菌全脂奶 (1公升)



100% pure milk, not reconstituted from milk powder, 100% produced in France, from French cow's milk, 100% imported from France, No preservatives; UHT milk means that the milk has been heated to a temperature of at least 135*c in order to kill any harmful micro-Organicanisms which may be in the milk. 3.5% fat for a full cream milk. 100%純奶,不含奶粉; 100%法國生產牛奶; 100%法國進口,無防腐劑; 於用UHT技術,即牛奶加熱至至少135℃,以殺死可能在牛奶中的任何有害的微生物。3.5%的脂肪用於全奶油。