Griottines Cherries 15% (No stem) (1L) 酒浸櫻桃 15% (1公升)



Griottines是精選櫻桃去核並浸泡在櫻桃酒中, 酒精含量為15% 酒浸櫻桃可用於雞尾酒, 美味佳餚和甜點, 亦可作為裝飾材料之一。 原產地 : 法國 Griottines® are produced by Grandes Distilleries Pereux, the world leader in France. Griottines are hand-picked then stoned and soaked in a light syrup of Kirsch with 15% alcohol content. Can be used in cocktails, savory dishes and sweet desserts. Origin : France

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