Frozen Spanish Iberico Collar Sliced (Hot Pot) 300g 西班牙黑毛豬爽梅肉切片 (300克)



A part of the Iberian Collar meat. We do it sliced, suitable for hotpot, stir-fried. Iberian Collar is a piece of meat next to pork loin with high value of collagen. Together with the shoulder, it forms part of the fore-loin. The muscle group has similar characteristics to the shoulder as far as fat infiltration, although with a much higher percentage. 伊比利亞Collar 是里脊肉的一部分. 我們做了切片,適合火鍋,快炒. 伊比利亞Collar 是里脊肉身旁邊的一塊肉且有高度膠原蛋白的。 肌肉與肩部具有相似的特徵, 脂肪滲透率較高。

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