Frozen Spanish Duroc Pork Minced Meat (600g) 西班牙杜洛克免治豬肉 (600克)



西班牙100%純種杜洛克黑豚免治豬肉,不含瘦肉精,免治豬肉既肥瘦比例均勻丶肉質鮮嫩丶色澤和味道極之吸引! 1條免治豬肉 (600克) 分2包 (每包300克) 。 適合用來煮意粉丶蒸肉餅丶煎蛋丶整魚香茄子丶肉燥飯丶炒飯丶煲粥丶漢堡扒或者整餃子。 Spanish Duroc Minced Meat is 100% purebred duroc pork and is ractopamine free. The minced pork boasts a balanced proportion of fat and lean meat, it’s tender and juicy! One piece (total 600g) is divided into two packs (300g each). A great ingredient with enhanced flavor for daily favorite dishes like pasta, steamed patties, fried rice, burger steaks or dumplings.

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