Frozen Japanese Hokkaido Scallop (L) 急凍日本北海道帶子 (L)



Japanese sashimi grade scallop can be consumed directly after thawing. 2L and 1L size are available. Sweet, plump and firm texture makes it perfect for sashimi and hot dishes. Scallops is rich in protein, phosphorus and vitamin B12. It is a good seafood choice because of low fat content. 來自日本的刺身級帶子,解凍後可直接刺身食用。帶子味道鮮甜,豐厚的肉極富彈性,無論刺身食用或煮熟皆宜,帶子含有豐富蛋白質、磷及維他命B12等,而且脂肪含量低,是不錯的海鮮選擇。

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