Frozen Hungarian Duck Leg 急凍匈牙利鴨脾



匈牙利🇭🇺清爽舒適的氣侯為鴨隻提供優質養殖環境,使鴨隻得以用最自然方式養殖成長🦆,鴨肉質非常濃郁🤤、皮薄肉厚😌多汁💦,鴨腿甘香可口😋丶肥而不腻!適合烤焗、製作油封鴨脾或慢燉。🤗🤗 The cool climate and slight change in temperature between the four seasons make Hungary a high-quality breeding environment for ducks.👍🏻 These ducks are breed in the most natural way, giving its rich taste and tender meat texture. It is said that duck meat helps to boost our protein intake😌, which supports our immune system👍🏻 and keeps our skin healthy💪🏻. Hungarian duck leg is extremely tender, flavorful🤤🤤 and alluring! Suitable for roasting, baking, making duck confit or sous vide 🤗🤗.

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