Frozen Canadian Sliced Short Rib Bone In (1 lb) 加拿大牛仔骨 (1磅)



Raw Material: Frozen Canadian Short Rib Bone In (Choice Grade) Canadian Cattle have been processing to a grain finishing no less than 180days. Grain fed: Mainly are Corn & Soya Bean; Marbling description: Moderate; Muscle group: Short Rib ; grading : Choice grade Consists of the rib section from any rib and/or plate item and contains at least 2 but no more than 5 ribs. Rich, deep flavor. Grading : choice grade These are very versatile and they're great for braising, for panfrying, for barbecue, and for Korean Kalbi. 原材料:加拿大牛仔骨去骨肉(特選) 加拿大養牛都經過至少180 天的殼物飼養。 殼物飼料為玉米和大豆; 大理石花紋:中等; 肌肉組織:牛肋脊; 由肋條和/或板條件的肋部組成,並且包含至少2個但不超過5個肋。 豐富,濃郁的味道。 牛仔骨有很多烹調變化 – 非常適合燉,煎煮和燒烤。