French Feyel Goose Rillettes (100%) (170g) 法國鵝肉醬 (100%) (170克)



法國食品中的「Rillettes」泛指熟肉醬,是法國最普遍的食材。 鵝肉醬由100%鵝肉製成,豐富的鵝肉香味,绵柔口感,含高蛋白質! 用鵝肉醬搽多士,直頭係非一般享受啦! In French cuisine, rillettes are appetizers usually made with meat or seafood that are diced, seasoned, cooked, then pounded or ground and served as a spread. Made from 100% goose meat which is delicately confit in goose fat, giving the rillettes a rich fragrant and flavor, melting texture and high protein content!Perfect as toast spread , it is an enjoyment beyond comparison!

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