France Greek Yoghurt Dairy Desserts (Plain) ($60/4pkt)法國希臘式乳酪甜點 (原味) ($60/4件裝)



希臘式乳酪甜點是用100% 諾曼第生產的優質新鮮牛奶🐄脫脂製成😋,質地濃厚, 口感柔滑細緻😊,溫和鮮奶油味道。👍🏻希臘式乳酪甜點保留傳統乳酪的豐富營養,更有2倍的蛋白質,絕對是健康美味的小食。😍 ❤️ 供選購味道 - 原味, 每排4杯裝, 每杯125g. Greek Dairy Desserts series 😋 is made from 100% top quality skimmed fresh cows’ milk from Normandy. The dessert is high in nutrition values, twice the protein content of ordinary yogurt, its smooth and creamy texture making a healthy and delicious snack for any moment. 😍 ❤️ Available flavor - Plain, and each purchase is a set of 4 cups, each cup 125g.