Australian Chilled Wagyu Ox Tail (1kg) 澳洲和牛牛尾 (1公斤)

標價以1公斤計算 The price is calculated per kg of the product.



澳洲冰鮮和牛牛尾每條約重1.2kg-1.9kg。 和牛牛尾油脂香,保留了骨邊肉及含有豐富的骨膠原,有強筋骨的功效,而且口感細嫩,有細密的油花, 肉味非常香濃,軟滑可口。 牛尾肉質扎實,建議烹調時用溫火長時間慢燉 ,令牛尾質感軟Q並帶一點嚼勁口感。 Australian Chilled Waygu Tail weighs 1.2kg-1.9kg. It has rich flavor, retains the bone-side meat and is rich in collagen, protein and vitamin. Consuming oxtail is believed to have a nourishing effect of strengthening muscles, tendons and bones. After long-time simmering, braising or stewing, Wagyu oxtail meat will become extremely tender, have a fragrant smell and taste delicious. Why not cook up an Australian Wagyu Oxtail dish tonight!