Australian Chilled Wagyu M8+ Ribeye (Whole Strip) 澳洲M8+和牛肉眼 (原條) 3kg-5kg

這產品是原條出售。購買原條可享原價6折的優惠。黑色標價是原本每公斤的售價。紅色是6折後每公斤優惠售價。銷售價是按原條肉眼的總重量計算。: 詳情請與我們聯絡。

The product is sold as an entire strip. Buying a whole strip, you can enjoy a special offer of 40% off the base price.The price shown in black is the base price kg, price in red is the 40% offer per kg. The total is calculated per kg of total weight.



和牛在天然的牧場進食當地的牧草成長,在屠宰前的300天會轉以粟米為主的殼物飼養;《澳洲肉類標準(MSA)》 M8肉眼; 大理石花紋:豐富; 肌肉組織:肋脊; 建議烹飪方法:烘烤,烤架,燒烤,炒,日式火鍋,煎 Wagyu are raised on huge expanses of Native Australian grasses and finished on proprietary blends. it is this grain finishing that achieves the marbling. Meat Standards Australia system (MSA). M8 Ribeye, Marbling description: Slightly Abundant, Muscle group: Rib, Suggested cooking method: Roast, Grill, Barbecue, Stir-fry, Pan-fry. Pan-fry.

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