Australian Chilled M6/7 Petite Tender (1kg) 澳洲M6/7和牛小肩柳 (1公斤)

The price is calculated per kg of the product.標價以1公斤計算



The Petite Tender is a small, lean cut from the chuck primal or the shoulder of the cow🐂. Known for its utmost tenderness and juiciness😍, it is suitable to make different cuisines. 🍽️It is suitable for cooking mini beef Wellington👍🏻 Japanese style beef spaghetti🍝, pan-frying🥩, stir-frying or grilling👍🏻👍🏻 小肩柳是牛的肩膀上切下來的小肩柳😍,以肉質柔嫩😋和多汁👅聞名,口感極之鮮嫩👍🏻,入口細嫩鬆化😋,是性價比極高的部位🤗!